Quenary Academy | 君誠國際烘焙學院

About us

“ It’s important to focus on work that will keep you interested with a level of variety and change. Identify what you truly love, and what tasks are you happy to do repeatedly. There must be somethings that you are happy to do day by day . When you identify the things that you are happy to do, make them become your careers. Then you won’t get bored with your work. ”

Idalina Ng – Principal of Quenary Academy 

  • 君诚国际烘焙学院院长的话
  • “一个人之所以能保持对工作的热忱,取之于个人的专注力。每个人都有爱好,最重要认清自己所好。这样一来,即使不断重复做同样的事情也不感到厌倦。没有一件事能比将兴趣变为职业来得更美好。”
    ~ 伍美君 – 君诚国际烘焙学院 院长

“ Baking is more than a hobby, It can be a career. Stay focused and create incredible value in it. ”

Stanley Sik – Managing Director of Quenary Academy 

  • 君诚国际烘焙学院執行董事的话
  • “烘焙不只是兴趣,它能成为你的事业。保持专注,并从中创造超凡的价值。
    ~ Stanley Sik 君诚国际烘焙学院執行董事”

An institute of baking & Culinary

Welcome to Quenary Academy, We strive to be the baking institute of choice for those who love pastry, baking and confectionery arts. Quenary is more than a training centre, we offers a fun and relaxing learning environment for students. We have developed an excellent training syllabus gleaned from many years experience from working in Pastry kitchens.

At Quenary Academy, students will be trained to become specialists in baking industry. We guides our students in both practical and technical aspects, encourage them to develop creativity and innovative thinking skills in baking, to ensure that once they enter the mainstream workforce, their knowledge will be poignant and relevant.

  • 关于君诚国际烘焙学院
  • 欢迎来到君诚国际烘焙学院!对学生而言,我们不单是个培训中心,更是一个充满乐趣的学习环境。



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